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            About Us

            ZHEJIANG WANFENG CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. locates in Shaoxing Binhai Industry Zone. It is only 15KM far from Hangzhou-Ningbo highway and 30KM far from Hangzhou Xiaoshan international airport, which is very convenient to reach. The company accounts for 80000 square meters where there are 7 workshops that equipped with 32 Press cake production lines. Nearly 40 senior engineers and dye chemical experts work in the company. The company has a fully equipped research institute, so that the high-class products are produced according to the strictest standards of quality, safety and environmental protection to satisfy customers.

            Add: xin'er village Ma'an town Shaoxing Zhejiang , China .
            P.C.: 312073
            Export Tel: 0086-575-85620222, 85623223, 85529675
            Domestic Tel: 0086-575-85629888,85623225
            Export Fax: 0086-575-85623263
            Domestic Fax: 0086-575-85620222
            Email: sales@wfdyes.com, sales@wtdyes.com

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